What We Do

We are a direct lender and can approve tough deals. We specialize in financing of 2010 and newer medium and heavy-duty used trucks, and trailers.

Our programs provide financing to:

• Start-Up Businesses
• First-Time Owner Operators
• Buyers with Challenged Credits

We approve applications for people with:

• Little Driving Experience
• Low FICO Score on Credit Reports
• Prior Bankruptcy (if discharged)
• Foreclosures Proceedings

What we need to consider an application:

• Credit Application with Loan Amount of up to $50,000.00
• Spec. Sheet, including full VIN and ECM Mileage
• Invoice: Price of the Truck, Tax and License, if applicable
• Copy of Customer's Commercial Driver's License

Our Response:

• We shall fax/email you a proposal with terms within two (2) hours.
• A set of loan documents can be emailed to you on the same day.
• We will fund your transaction (via wire-transfer) the same day that we receive signed documents and proof of insurance.

Trailer Financing:

• We can provide trailer financing, either with a 35% down-payment, or with a 20% down-payment and title to a free and clear truck as an additional collateral.